Features & details
The legs can be freely moved 360 degrees back and forth, the product imitates the free walking step design, and adds 2 handrails to the hand. During the use, the movement is more coordinated, that is, the coordination of the movement of the individual upper and lower limbs can be achieved. The role of active joint fitness exercise.
Suitable for users weighing up to 220 pounds. Provides excellent cardiovascular exercise and helps to build many muscles in the body.
The product has a counter that records data such as exercise time, distance of movement, number of steps, and calories burned.
The product can be folded, home fitness, easy to store. Effective aerobic exercise, you can freely adjust the exercise intensity to achieve fitness.
The effect on the joints is also small when using the machine. Because of the small impact on your joints, you can exercise in your own comfortable home without worrying about joint pain.


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