Intergrated Cable Crossover machine


The cable crossover machine can be used for dozens of exercises, utilizing constant tension to get a great pump and build muscle effectively. A cable crossover weight machine is also fantastic for developing lagging muscles or strengthening those hard-to-train areas like the rear delts and upper back.

  • It has a flexible pulleys mode with adjustable settings which make it more flexible, resistant, and adds more to the exercising routine. The user can fit the size of the pulleys according to their preferences and size.
  • Moreover, this cable trainer includes 2 hand straps and 2 long strap handles.
  • The machine also has a triceps rope and short  bars which make these easy to handle and operate with different forms. For the legs, the machine has proper leg extension and leg curl.
  • The crossover gives proper straps, ropes, and handles for various exercising methods making it even easier for the user. The long handles, long bars, and straps are a great addition to the upper body while the leg extensions are a great addition to the lower body parts.
  • There are 200kg weight stacks available which mean around 100kg of resistance per side.
  •  The frame is made of steel mainframe heavy duty construction. The scratch-resistant coat lets it workaround for a larger time than the standard models.


  • Multiple position pulleys
  •  2 x 100Kg cast weight stacks
  •  Built-in pull-up/chin-up bars
  •  Solid construction


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